Holistic Therapies For Addiction

Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment,

How do rehab clinics provide a holistic approach to addiction?

In the majority of cases, an addict will be able to attend at least two individual therapy sessions per week – both of which will take place with a licensed therapist. The intention of these sessions is to help an individual to address their condition, explore the causes and reasoning behind it and then set a course of recovery in motion.

Some rehabs also offer meditation services, as well as yoga and even Tai Chi. As therapy alone can be a very effective way to address an addiction and encourage recovery, any clinic that offers these types of holistic services will typically boast a much greater success rate than those that don’t.

In addition to the traditional therapeutic methods described above, contemporary approaches utilize holistic therapy for addiction treatment as well. These are a relatively recent addition to the treatment arsenal, and are an important component of the Beginnings Treatment Centers Addiction Treatment Model.

Beginnings Treatment Centers Holistic Therapies

– Meditation
– Yoga therapy
– Equine therapy
– EMDR therapy
– Hiking
– Surfing

These holistic addiction therapies work in conjunction with traditional therapies. They produce a synergistic effect, and promote the Beginnings Treatment idea that to treat addiction one needs to treat all components of the human being – mind, body, and spirit.

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