Holistic Rehabilitation Definition

Holistic Treatment for Addiction – Recovery Center for Addicts,

Feelings such as sadness, anger and frustration are shared by many addicts and holistic treatments help to resolve these very normal and personal reactions to life’s events. Where analytical treatments rely on medicines, 12 step programs and other physical techniques; holistic treatment revolves around the mind and healing negative emotions – for a happier, more balanced individual.

The balance between mind, body and soul

When people suffer with addictions, it’s not uncommon for the internal balance within the body to experience a shift. It’s this inner balance that holistic treatment is intended to rectify – and by focusing on the mind, the body and the soul this can often be achieved in a much more rapid way. That is what holistic therapies are supposed to help with; allowing a sufferer to come to terms with their condition within a mental and emotional environment, whilst providing support as medicinal treatment is provided. The working balance between these three human elements holds the key to a better recovery.

Overcoming addiction means more than treating the immediate symptoms of addiction. At the Recovery Center for Women, we are committed to helping you recover your overall health and sense of well-being. Our holistic programs treat you as an individual: we heal you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Through our compassionate care and support, we aim to give patients the ability to confront the world around them. By developing strategies and skills that speak to individual patients’ overall needs – those of the mind, body and spirit – they are more able to confidently navigate through their lives post-treatment and to experience a sustained recovery.

Without purpose and meaning in life, it becomes extremely difficult to remain on the right path in recovery. Currently, our research department is examining the importance of purpose, meaning and spirituality in addiction treatment, and providing the most effective coping strategies to avoid relapse in the future.

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