Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction – The Root Cause Of Every Addiction,

Overcoming Addiction – Learn how to recover from any addiction by addressing the one root cause that every addiction stems from.

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king nick
king nick10 months ago
Your videos are addicting. Now what do I do ?🙀
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Gerardo R
Gerardo R9 months ago
Lol its true Leo, 
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Donna Ewing
Donna Ewing9 months ago
+king nick hahaha haha and I’m not even supposed to be laughing about anything yet, Certainly not typing anything because i have not read the guidelines yet. don’t tell leo, ok? But….. RIGHT?! hee hee hee
Eezy10 months ago
This also made me realize that I have a small addiction for Actualized.org videos. Because I keep anticipating it each week that it almost feels like I depend on it for emotional stability. I almost always get an emotional lift every time I watch one of your videos, Leo.

Well, I’m going to try to sit in my room, doing absolutely nothing for 2 hours. I’ll see what that’s like.
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Richard Alpert
Richard Alpert4 months ago
addiction = identifying, clinging = pain
build great habits, but dont cling to them
Sumdood4 months ago
+Richard Alpert Yes mam!
Richard Alpert
Richard Alpert10 months ago
12:28 Leo starts singing Rihanna
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Hala Shahoud
Hala Shahoud5 months ago
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Hala File
Hala File1 week ago
Tyler Carlson
Tyler Carlson6 months ago
im currently in treatment one of the best rehabs in America for heroin addiction. and this video has done more for me than 60 days of rehab. Thank you so much man.
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TheGizzle854 months ago
Tyler Carlson brother. I have been fighting this battle going on 7 years. I realize everything we have been taught(I’ve been taught). was not correct. This video and a Tedtalk by the name Everything You Know About Addiction is wrong. I believe using both these systems together is the correct tool. Olympic athletes have 5,000 thoughts a day and “normal” whatever that is has 70,000. that’s showing us clearly when observing your thought which creates a temporary void and supposedly gets lengther as real mindfillness is practiced, has a profound affect on our physical, mental, and emotional systems. HAS TO BE, TALENT ALONE DOESN’T MAKE THEM GREAT. Then you have connection, we have huge rise of anxiety, depression, and mental illness more than ever. What else do we have? No authentic connections anymore(this is what holds true to me). You are strong brother and you will win!
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DreamChild Y
DreamChild Y2 months ago
Sending the best wishes to you, I truly wish you get over the addiction. Think positive
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Doggen9 months ago
Paraphrasing Gurdijef “Inner demons are like dogs chasing you, the more you want to escape them, the closer they get to you, but once you stop, just stop and sit down with no distraction whatsoever, they loose the fire you’ve been feeding them by constantly running away. Then you just watch them go one by one, disappearing into the void”. Another great video Leo.
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Actualized.org9 months ago
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Juan10 months ago (edited)
Thank you Leo!!! I needed this video so much!!!! Addiction is ruining my life. This was eye opening. Keep the videos coming. I don’t know any resource like Actualized.org.
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MeinKanal10 months ago
+Juan Try Passion for truth ministries or bulldozerfaith.
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Filip Petrović
Filip Petrović9 months ago
I am addicted to air. I cant without it longer than 30 seconds.
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Gabe Hoffman
Gabe Hoffman8 months ago
+Christopher Arendt We can’t perceive x-rays but we can reason to them. Stop with your word salads.
Christopher Arendt
Christopher Arendt8 months ago
What I said was relevant and it wasn’t a word salad..
vargaas834 months ago
I would love to hear your thougts about nofap and porn addiction.
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Infinite Soul
Infinite Soul1 month ago
vargaas83 Same dude
NotJustHim1 month ago
Yeah +1
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee9 months ago
Wow, I’m amazed to see such wisdom, spokely so eloquently, from one so young.
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lksey hervam
lksey hervam8 months ago
the best thing about Leo, that he is not a guru or something. He is walking his path, while sharing his ideas with Us. So he will change, as well as we will. I’ve come across him, couple years ago, and then he didnt touch me at all. bumped in to his video week ago, since then can’t stop.. But at the same time, listening to his older ones, u can see the massive difference just in 2 years.
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J ii hug B f2f onto f2f
J ii hug B f2f onto f2f7 months ago
hes 30
Lido Lavish
Lido Lavish8 months ago (edited)
I’m a Christian and I believe in salvation and the promise that those who acknowledge that Jesus died on the cross for their sins will eternally live in heaven after we die… where there is no such thing as worry, regret, hate, envy, guilt, depression, anxiety… but only feelings of unimaginable euphoria no earthly drug could give…and eternal life. I agree with Leo and his videos help me so much with my personal addiction issues (drugs, porn, alcohol)… Thank you Leo
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